Angled Blocks

In addition to the standard rectangular sponge sanding block we can also offer 4-sided sanding blocks with either one or two angled sides。

The single angled and dual angled sanding blocks are useful for corners where only one surface requires sanding.  The angled edge ensures that grit is held away from the non-working surface.

The angled sanding block, in common with the standard foam sanding block, is a durable sanding solution.  To maintain performance, sanding blocks are washable and can be used wet or dry.

迪士尼彩乐园网址Our angled sponge sanding blocks are available coated with aluminium oxide grit in grades from 36 to 220 on standard hardness foam。

Key Features

  • Abrasive Coating on 4 Sides
  • Flexible Sponge Construction in Standard Hardness Foam
  • 1 or 2 Angled Edges Aid Sanding of Corners
  • Long-lasting Abrasive Sanding Surface
  • Versatile Sanding of Metal, Wood, Plaster, and Fibreglass Surfaces
  • Re-useable. Simply Wash in Water and Shake Dry
  • Various Grit Grades available, Aluminium Oxide



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